Zhang Yi, Chinese Martial Arts Instructor

Master Zhang Yi runs the Hong Wu Kung Fu Centre, which has become a hub for all those interested in learning more about Chinese culture through Tai Chi and Kung Fu. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion attract tourists and locals alike, while his inspiring, down-to-earth personality keeps them there. 


He was selected to study Traditional Chinese Kung Fu at seven years old, spent 4 years training at the Shanghai Kung Fu Academy, and was accepted into the prestigious Shanghai Sports Institute, where he trained for eight hours a day, six days a week, for over ten years. With his dedication, he has won many awards and reached high expertise in several other martial arts.


From an early age Zhang Yi took part in national competitions and critically acclaimed performances at home and abroad, representing China and Shanghai on numerous occasions. He has won many different awards for Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Chang Quan (Shaolin fist), Sword and Spear. He is an expert in several other styles of Chinese Martial Arts including Nan Quan (Southern Fist), Broad Sword and Staff. Having attained such a high level at a young age, Zhang Yi, at 40 years old, has already been teaching Chinese Martial Arts for over 20 years.


During this time, he has taught students of many backgrounds, cultures, ages and abilities. At his centre, he has held classes for corporate attendees of international conferences with companies such as IBM, BP, and Pepsi. He has returned to the Shanghai Kung Fu academy to teach, and has also taught the Shanghai Army, Japan's National Tai Chi team, children in schools and adults in gyms such as Kerry Centre, Gold’s Gym, and Fitness First. 


Meet Zhang Yi during your visit to Shanghai and you will learn much more about the history of Chinese Martial Arts and his fascinating life dedicated to it.