Shanghai and Around

Shanghai and around

When you look over Shanghai's near infinite skyline, it's hard to believe that the city had humble beginnings as a little fishing village. Explore what makes Shanghai an emblem of China's multicultural past, its modern present and promising future. Stand above the clouds in Shanghai's record-breaking skyscrapers, stroll through cultural-historical districts like the French Concession and experience Shanghai's jazzy art deco age on the Bund waterfront.


Shanghai: Did you know?

  • Shanghai used to be a fishing village called 'Hudu', derived from the name of a wooden fish trap once used by local inhabitants. This is also the source of the character 'hu' 沪 on Shanghai's license plates
  • In Yueju, or Shanghai opera, women dominate the stage, playing male and female roles. Historically, the opposite was true for Peking Opera, which had men in all roles
  • The Hongcun Village, located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain was site to scenes in the worldwide acclaimed movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’
  • Hundreds of Shanghainese parents assemble in People’s Park every weekend for the Shanghai marriage market with the resumes of their unwed children to negotiate potential blind dates