Beijing and around

Beijing and Around

Hosting the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, the Bird's Nest and so much more from China's past, Beijing is an endless source of history and an incomparable charm. As the last of the four great ancient capitals of China, Beijing has been the political centre of the country for the past eight centuries. The city is known for its ancient palaces, temples, tombs, parks and gardens, and its modern art centres, museums and universities that make it the centre hub of culture within China.


Beijing: Did you know?


  • The Beijing dialect is the basis for the entire Mandarin standard language
  • The earliest record of Beijing is obtained from the travel notes by Marco Polo
  • The caves of Dragon Bone Hill in Fangshan District, home to the ‘Peking Man’, give the earliest traces of human habitation in this area.