Heidi Duggan’s Food Tours

Heidi Dugan is best known as the host of China's popular television program “You are the Chef”, an East-meets-West cooking show that has been on air for 15 years across several continents. This culinary entertainment has endeared her to audiences across China, making her one of the most recognizable personalities on CCTV 9 and ICS.


On her show, Heidi shows millions of households how to easily prepare and serve beautiful, delicious meals. In 2003, after only two years on air, Heidi was awarded with “Best Foreign TV Host”, and the show itself has been twice awarded “Best Foreign Language Program”.


Heidi has been interviewed in Harper’s Bazaar, Shanghai TV Weekly, Shanghai Daily, China People’s Evening Newspaper, and other publications of similar calibre. She has also been a guest on Culture Matters, Talk Talk, Da Qiu Bu Tong, and other TV shows to discuss nutrition, diets, and food culture. After living in Shanghai for 20 years, Heidi calls the city her home.