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Partner with Freedom Road Travel so that you can concentrate on your core business while saving time and money. We will not only save you space in your schedule, but also your bottom line, as our dedicated Travel Consultants act as an extension of your organization to negotiate the best deals for your travel budget.

Incentive travel, road shows, delegations, annual meetings, conferences and event travel all fall under our Business Event Travel services. At Freedom Road Travel, we tailor business event travel solutions to your needs and strive to ensure that your travel goes smoothly. Whether you are travelling to multiple locations for client meetings, attending a conference or trade show, or rewarding your staff and distributors for success, we understand the importance of small details that can make or break a plan.

The seasoned international and local team at Freedom Road Travel specializes in fulfilling all your travel needs with professional and personable service, from initial engagement to final touchdown home. We want to exceed your business event travel goals and grant stakeholders peace of mind.

Partner with us, and we will provide you with competitive hotel group rates, room upgrades, tailor made breakfasts for different cultural tastes, end to end flight, accommodation, logistics and F&B Solutions.  We stand out in bringing experiential travel ideas, tailor making your experience instead of standard tours available to the mass market. Take your most important clients or top performing employees to unique destinations and have an unforgettable event that wouldn’t be possible as an individual.  All of these bespoke benefits come hand in hand with our transparent billing process and, most importantly, a collaborative approach towards providing the best ROI solutions for you.



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Our Reach

With offices in Shanghai and Sydney, our on-the-ground presence sets us apart from other teams and enables us to ensure the smallest details are covered. Our local knowledge can bring you just the right cultural flavor for a rewarding and unique experience when booking events within China. If you are planning a buiness event outside of China, our international staff are well-equipped to book business events anywhere in the world. We come to youa dn work together to plan a memorable experience. Whether travelling to nearby Asia or Australia, or venturing further afield to Europe or the Americas, we have a wealth of experience ensuring a safe and exciting journey for you.

Our Expertise

We offer a fully integrated process, from pre-planning to program management to post-trip wrap-up, we ensure your attendees have a seamless, unforgettably positive experience with our consultants and our best-in-class industry partners. Our service culture is driven by the respect we have for our team members, in in turn for our customers. 

Our Digital Approach

We are revolutionizing the full service travel sector by combining our attentive human touch with the latest in technology and digital innovation. We employ digital devotees who are passionate about developing modern, world class travel solutions.

Services we provide
  • Venue Sourcing
  • In-Country Planning and Logistics
  • Registration and Attendee Management
  • On-Site Management 
  • Group Air Travel 
  • Event Digital Landing Pages 
  • Attendee Communication and Mobile App Tools 


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