How to Avoid Flight Delays Ruining Your Business Event in China

How to Avoid Flight Delays Ruining Your Business Event in China
29 Jun

How to Avoid Flight Delays Ruining Your Business Event in China

No matter how carefully you have planned your next business event in China, sometimes things go wrong, and if your business event happens to be in China, there is an extra layer of complexity to contend with as local nuances, often confounding and unexpected to those living outside the country, turn a simple plan into a fiasco. As one conference delegate found out, even something as simple as booking a local flight can require some local expertise.

Michael thought to get to his conference in Guangzhou was going to be pretty straightforward., except then his flight to Guangzhou was diverted, landing at Shenzhen airport instead due to bad weather. It was late at night and there were no trains running so Michael decided to share a taxi with another passenger for the two-hour journey. After agreeing on a price they set off into the night. Unfortunately, the taxi driver had other ideas. Halfway through the trip, he insisted on being paid the full amount before he would transfer them to another car. All of a sudden Michael was stranded in the middle of the night, completely at the mercy of his driver. Luckily he reached his destination safe and sound, but not before the new driver also demanded full payment for his trip. 

Nearly a third of mainland China flights do not leave on time. It is common for flights to be diverted or cancelled due to smog, rain and often for reasons that you’ll never even know about. These nuances are par for the course for those operating travel in China, but can be overwhelming for those not on the ground. 

Transfers and pick-ups can also be challenging and expectations can be vastly different to realities, for example, attendees catching taxis might find their introduction to China a hair-raising one as taxis often don’t have seatbelts and the road rules can be fluid, to say the least. 

Michael made it to his conference, just, but flight delays, cancellations and diversions can leave business event organisers with every organiser’s worst nightmare, an empty room. So how do you avoid this fate?

The answer is to find a partner on the ground that has both local knowledge and an understanding of international expectations. Someone on the ground with expertise and relationships to smooth out even the most baffling obstacles, that and knows the nuances of travel in China and the expectations of multi-national corporations - someone with solutions. The logistics of moving people is always fraught with variables that can make the simplest of tasks challenging, don’t leave it to chance to get your travelling party to their destination.  

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