The Fool-Proof Guide to Maximising your Holiday

The Fool-Proof Guide to Maximising your Holiday
13 Dec

The Fool-Proof Guide to Maximising your Holiday

Whether it’s making the most of your trip with extra in-room freebies, saving extra money by locking in early bird airfares or adding on a day or two to long weekends – we want you to maximise your holiday in any way possible. Here’s our 7 tips:

1. Early-Bird Airfare Release Dates

One of the biggest expenses on an international holiday is usually airfares. The easiest way to keep in the know on deal releases and when early bird sales are released is to sign up to our newsletter or ask our Travel Designers to keep you on standby as soon as they drop. Hot tip: Europe Summer Season is usually available 9-10 months in advance so plan to book around September/October for the best deal!

2. Public Holidays & Long Weekends

If you’re planning a small getaway to the domestic reaches of Australia or trans-Tasman world of New Zealand, why not take advantage of the public holidays? If you’re working full-time & want to reduce your annual leave but maximise your time away – April & May are scattered with public holidays that can turn a 3-day weekend into 5 days very quickly!

3. Changing Currency & when to do it

No-one wants to see their hard-earned money deteriorate due to the exchange rate, so our best tip is to buy as much as you can when the dollar is good! That sounds pretty straight forward but budgeting for currency fluctuation isn’t something you usually think about until just before you’re about to leave. You can save hundreds of dollars just by having a little extra change in your pocket and getting the right rate!

4. If it’s a must-see item – book ahead!

The rule of thumb is, if you’re planning on visiting somewhere that is on your bucket list, you want to make sure you’re guaranteed to see it. Sights like Statue of Liberty, Machu Picchu & Alcatraz Island have limited amounts of tickets each day and the places that will have tickets left, will also come with hefty waiting lines. This will maximise your time and your budget but also allows you to avoid scalpers & dishonest businesses that prey on your good will.

5. Switch off Data-Roaming & Use Wi-Fi

If you’re not too tech-savvy, this can be an easy trap too fall into but the easiest way to maximise your phone use overseas is to use Wi-fi. Don’t get stung with a $3000 bill when you return just because you wanted to scroll through Facebook to upload some picture. If you’re not too sure on how to get this setup, most hotels will assist you, but most populated public places offer free wi-fi as well!

6. Budget is not always best

If that $20 flight from London to Amsterdam is sounding too good to be true – chances are it is. Once you add on the $40 for luggage, $30 booking fee and a $10 seating fee alongside the $15 meal – you’re better off buying that $99 flight that includes it all and with a reputable airline. We work with any travel style and any budget, but we’ll never make life harder for you when it comes to the world of airline tickets. None of us like hidden fees & extras!

7. Bonus offers

We like to unearth the quirk and perks of airlines and hotels, especially when some offer free stop overs or discounts that only agents know about. For example, when you’re booking a flight to Europe with Singapore Airlines – they offer a stop-over package in Singapore which can be significantly cheaper and includes sightseeing! Tour companies also have loyalty discounts for past passengers, and often they’ll be combinable with specials or early bird offers which can end up saving you 10% or more – which for big ticket items can stack up! Many hotels offer bonus upgrades, wine or chocolates for special occasions which our travel designers can arrange – let us know and we’ll pop a request in.