Finding My Bliss At Kamalaya: Koh Samui’s Award Winning Health Sanctuary

Finding My Bliss At Kamalaya: Koh Samui’s Award Winning Health Sanctuary
05 Dec

Finding My Bliss At Kamalaya: Koh Samui’s Award Winning Health Sanctuary

For me, a typical holiday to Thailand is usually around island hopping, water activities, sightseeing during the day and shopping at night, on repeat. Which can certainly make for a great holiday, but I’ve got to admit... I often came back home more tired than before I left...  needing a holiday to recover from my holiday!

So when the opportunity recently came up to get away for a few days, I wanted to do things differently. The term ‘wellness resort’ had been dancing around on the edge of my awareness for a while. But they were for ultra-zen, dandelion tea-loving vegans with so many years of yoga under their belt they could whip themselves into a pretzel shape with ease. Weren’t they?

Suffice to say, I’d never holidayed at a wellness resort before. So when I spotted Freedom Road Travel’s exclusive offer of a free massage with their 5 night ‘relax and renew’ package at Kamalaya Koh Samui, I quickly jumped on the phone to my girlfriends to organise a spur-of-the-moment pampering trip.

I knew I was in good hands. Kamalaya is on Conde Nast’s Gold List, has won ‘Best Destination’ in their Spa awards, and has won ‘Spa of the Year’ in multiple luxury travel awards.

From the moment we touched down, I started to see why Kamalaya frequently tops the best of the best lists. After a long flight, my good friend Lisa and I were exhausted. We just wanted to get to the resort and fall onto a bed for a nice long nap.

      We were met by a Kamalaya representative dressed in a uniform the same stunning yellow colour as a Buddhist monk, paying tribute to the fact that Kamalaya is built around a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat.

      Within minutes we were totally at ease as our new friend kindly helped us with our bags, whisked us into our awaiting air-conditioned car, and offered us a cold wash towel to freshen up. Our journey to relaxation began as calming music and essential oils eased our frazzled senses.

Once at the resort, we practically floated to our beautifully designed room, filled with natural furnishings to enhance the leafy green outlook from our window. Kamalaya offers rooms, suites and villas that are all exquisite and interact holistically with the lush surrounding environment.

We quickly noticed one thing missing – background noise. The stillness and quietness of the area allowed me to fully connect with the retreat’s idyllic surroundings. There are no TVs in the rooms and digital detox is encouraged. I for one welcomed the opportunity to unplug from the deafening noise of the outside world! Aah, bliss.

After a deep and relaxing sleep on a bed as comfy as a cloud, we began the next day with a nourishing breakfast, followed by a meeting with our wellness consultant who guided us through Kamalaya’s many programs, treatments and therapies offering solutions for detox, stress and burnout, sleep, weight control, and emotional balance.

In addition to the bevvy of healing treatments available, every week there’s a timetable of classes designed to enhance your wellness in every area. From yoga classes to meditation, Qi Gong, aqua aerobics, fit ball or Pilates, it’s a smorgasbord of delights for your body, mind and soul. Just absolute bliss…

A health check followed, after which I was presented with an itinerary that had been created just for me of scheduled massages, wraps and sauna appointments. Now that’s an itinerary I’d have no problem following with enthusiasm!

      All these activities and experiences are perfectly complemented by the sensational food. German chef Kai Mueller mesmerised us with his healthy food creations from the a la carte menu and detox menu. The food is not only delicious (Kamalaya won Spa Cuisine of the Year in the Asia Spa Awards in 2016), but it’s also expertly engineered to revitalise your body’s health and enhance your wellness throughout your stay.

      Astoundingly, food is all-inclusive, so we chose whatever we wanted from starters to main and dessert. My favourite dish had to be the pomelo salad with chicken mince, followed by chocolate mousse... so good I had two servings more than once!

      All in all, I totally loved this place (my girlfriends did too). For once we all returned home fully refreshed and revitalised from our time away. Kamalaya is not only great for your body and mind, it’s easy on the hip pocket too. I paid under $3,000AUD for a twin share room, inclusive of food, drinks, and ten different types of massages. You certainly won’t find value like that anywhere in Australia!


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